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Maths Week in 3rd & 4th Class

If you were passing Barnacarroll N.S. during Maths week you may have been in for a surprise!! Not only was it Halloween fancy dress but it was also Maths Week. You may have spotted 3rd and 4th class all dressed up completing their end of week Maths Challenges in the playground. These challenges included: Measuring the length and width of the playground using a trundle wheel; Identifying straight, acute, obtuse, right angles indoors and outdoors (we learned a very snazzy song to help us remember these angles to the tune of YMCA!); running and measuring laps and our heart rate; identifying line types and drawing maps of the classroom and playground to scale to name a few! We had a great time completing some in class challenges to help us recap number, capacity, length, data and even some algebra!!


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