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Science Week

Second and third class have been busy this week carrying out experiments for Science Week.

We carried out an experiment to test the best coin cleaner. We tested ketchup, lemon juice, water, vinegar and coke. Our experiment proved that ketchup was the best coin cleaner.

We also made a tornado in a jar. The children mixed water, vinegar, washing up liquid and food colouring in a glass jar. Then they held the jar by the lid and rotated it around in a circle in a smooth and steady motion and watched the vortex form!

We also carried out a dancing raisins experiment. When water was mixed with vinegar and washing up liquid it created bubbles, because raisins are so light, the bubbles stuck to their surface and increased their buoyancy causing them to rise to the surface. When the bubbles popped at the surface of the water, the raisins fell back to the bottom.

During our experiments we made predictions, discussed what makes a fair experiment and recorded our results.

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