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Class Trip

Yesterday, Wednesday 29th March, 3rd and 4th Class enjoyed a lovely class trip to the Museum of Country Life in Turlough. We are not strangers to the Museum as we have visited before but our visit yesterday did not disappoint. We had a tour of the Museum with our wonderful tour guides Brendan and Tom. They told us lots about life in Ireland in our ancestors' time. We saw the clothes they would have worn, the landscape and how they used it to make clothes, furniture, utensils etc.

We also took part in an Art workshop with Breda and Aoife. We each made a farm with a cottage and some had ponds, bridges, fields with crops growing, trees etc. When we arrived back to school we finished them off. We were very motivated to finish them and we think we did a great job. Take a look for yourself.

We played some traditional games Queenie Eye-O, a bowling type game and a ring toss game. It was a great day out.


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