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The Dragons had their say!

Today was a busy day for us. We were nervous and excited as we welcomed the three dragons to our classroom. All five groups impressed the dragons - Happy Herbs, Healthy Bites, Joyful Jars, Smoothie King and Tie-Dye Tees. All groups pitched their ideas to the Dragons. Afterwards, they had to answer some difficult questions about their product/service. The dragons complimented the groups on their ability to answer all the questions that were put to them and the manner in which they communicated with the dragons.

While the dragons deliberated on the product or service, we waited in suspense. They told us it was a difficult decision for them. Congratulations to Smoothie King! We are looking forward to preparing delicious and nutritious smoothies for you soon!

JEP Teams

JEP teams with the three Dragons.

one last trial run for Smoothie King.

Joyful Jars rehearsing one last time!

Some samples products presented to the Dragons by Joyful Jars.

The Dragons with the winning group - Smoothie King!

Smoothie King delighted with the result!

Bano and Megan celebrating afterwards!


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